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Company Profile

Mission Statement

Group Global Company was founded in 2002 with the specific aim of bringing a wholly professional approach to the industry of global cement sales and distribution.

In doing so, GGC has become a platform for like-minded professionals who can come to us to purchase their cement requirements. Our philosophy is to ensure transparency with both our collaborating factories and with our clients.

We use our structure of legal and banking experts to review all serious applications we receive and only once we are satisfied with the due diligence, do we begin discussions with our factory partners.

General overview

In broad terms, Group Global Company, as seen through the eyes of an end consumer, is a seller of Ordinary Portland Cement.  And in fact, this is what GGC is.

In the background, and from the point of view of our factory partners, Group Global Company is a responsible and capable purchaser of Ordinary Portland Cement.

Our position is clear, in that we fulfill 100% our contractual obligations to both of the above mentioned parties.

Company History:

The initial premise for founding GGC in 2002, was to provide a gateway for the provision of OPC to developing countries in Africa, with specific attention to West Africa

It soon became apparent that by adopting a professional approach that we began to attract the attention of the market place.

As a result, we now operate a company with a global “footprint”, with offices managed by selected like-minded professionals who represent GGC in specific areas.  The day to day operations of GGC are conducted in our Head Office based in Natal, Brazil.

Successes & Milestones

GGC has delivered OPC to countries in West Africa and as a result, has a small but genuine client base with repeat product requirements.  

Due to our recognized banking structure, our clients quickly identify with us as being proficient and are comfortable purchasing from us.

Key Personnel

All our staff is multilingual and proficient in the OPC industry.  As a result, we are able to respond to all enquiries with accurate and up to date information.  Additionally, as our offices are spread over 4 continents, we are also able to offer our services in a variety of time-zones, made possible through the location of our staff & offices.

Financial Performance:

Although GGC is not a publicly traded company, it can stand alone with its strong financial position and ability to undertake transactions while always adhering to banking terms specific to this industry.


The mission of GGC remains to be market leader in the sales and distribution of cement, primarily focusing on African and other emerging markets.  By maintaining our existing position as being highly regarded and respected amongst our collaborating peers and partners, we are achieving this goal.

Our achievements include the financial strength to purchase cement directly from factories, in order to serve our consumer’s requirements.  By doing this, we remove any financial complications between our factory partners and the end consumers, as we undertake our financial activities transparently within the EU.  

The importance of our position and the role we play within this industry is clear.  By taking the responsibility of our factory partners and our consumers in hand, we protect the integrity of both these groups.  We take care of the administrative, marketing and the financial obligations, thereby creating a fluid and transparent point of sale.

Additional company information is available by our Head Office and/or the Chamber of Commerce in Natal, Brazil.

Please contact our Head Office and/or any member of our staff for further information.

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Av. Miguel Alcides de Ara├║jo, 1860 - Capim Macio - 59078-270
Natal/RN - Brasil - NR.11.520.682/0001-80 | +55 84 99927 8996 | +55 84 99612 2233